So, You Want To Be A Badass?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t?

Being a Badass, in any and all areas of your life, breathes life into a vision of being our absolute best. Being in badass shape, being a badass at your job, being a badass husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend - who doesn’t want some of that?

With all these different visions of what a badass can be, how do we define what badass really is? Obviously this is going to be a personal question but I’m going to share what it means for me and you can tell me if that resonates with you just as deeply.

When it comes to being a badass, in anything, it means that you’ve got things under control - and not just under control, under your control.

Whatever it is, you’ve got it.

Let me tell you about the first, truly badass experience I ever had.

When I was around 10 or 11 years old I was woken up around 5am, in my basement bedroom, to what sounded like my father yelling. I’m sure you can guess that this was a strange experience so I stumbled out of bed and into the “rec room” about 15 feet away from my bedroom door to discover my father, dressed in a robe and brandishing a fire poker standing above some guy I’d never seen before cowering on the couch.

Now this was an intense sight and pretty badass all by itself but it gets better.

I later learned that my dad had explained to the guy in no uncertain terms that if he moved, at all, his day was going to get a whole lot worse - which explains the look on his face!

So, standing there, looking at my dad holding a fire poker in one hand, a phone in the other and radiating a mix of murderous and protective energy I did what any good 11 year old son would do - I asked him if he wanted me to go get him anything, like one of the practice swords I had in my room from Karate class.

He declined, which was at least a little strange to me then (the effectiveness of a fire poker was lost on me until I got a bit older) and told me not worry.

The funny, and the most badass, part about the whole thing was that I wasn’t worried - at all. And I wasn’t worried because I was a badass but because he was. I could literally feel that everything was under control. I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen next but I knew, knew, that no matter what happened we were all good.

The story ends with the police showing up about 5 minutes later and arresting the guy who had broken into our house but I wasn’t around to see them - I had walked back to my room and fallen asleep before they got there.

Let me recap that for you real quick because it’s the most important part.

At 11 years old I felt so relaxed after finding my father ready to murder an intruder in our basement at 5am that I was able to fall asleep before the police got there.

That is the power, and the magic, of being a badass and when you get it right not only do you have it but, the same way my father did, you can extend it to the people you love as well.

Now, this might not be for everyone and if it’s not for you I understand - I just hope you have someone like my dad around if you ever need them!

For all of us who decide this is for us, we’re all going to have to take our own path to get there but for me, at least, the path starts with a physical transformation. By transforming your body you not only give yourself the tools to become your most badass self but you transform your mind as well - you learn the power you have to change by first changing yourself.

If that’s something you want to do then strap yourself in and let’s get going - we’ve got quite an adventure ahead of us!